September 2, 2008

Election time is coming up soon. Barack Obama just received the democratic nomination, and here is one more reason to vote for him: basketball skills.

couple of questions though.

1. How would he do against Bill Clinton?
2. What happens if you foul or block the shit out of him and he becomes prez?
3. Is he actually just a plant from the NBA, who, once elected, will increase the already plush salaries of NBA players?

September 3, 2008

So we found one more hip-hop remix online and couldn't help but post it. We promise though, this is the last one.... for a while anyways:

September 4, 2008

This week benchmarks our first F-Rock photo contest. Send us your best b-boying/b-girling picture and win an F-Rock Clothing goodie bag including a t-shirt, spin cap, cinch bag, and custom made trucker hat. Criteria for the contest is as follows:

-Must be your picture
-We are looking for original freezes or creative photos
-Extra points for difficult freezes
-Submissions must be in by September 9th
-Email pics to with the subject line "September Photo Contest"

F-Rock Clothing Photo Contest

September 9, 2008

Immortal Technique has long been one of our favorite artists at F-Rock. Technique seems to have found the very difficult balance between politics and rap and continues to be a spokesperson for the hip-hop community on corruption in the government. This month he will be headed to Europe for touring and chances are it will be a show you will not want to miss.
Immortal Technique
His most recent album, "The 3rd World" features the likes of Green Lantern, Chino XL, and Poison Pen. While it still delivers as an intense ride though the minds of some of today's best hip-hop artists, it still lacks the ferocity of Immortal's Revolutionary Volumes. For more information on Immortal Technique and his September tour visit: Immortal Technique on Myspace

September 10, 2008

Ice Cube VH1

Vh1 has just announced that it will be releasing several hip-hop themed shows this fall. Among them include "100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs" and "VH1 Rock Doc: NWA: The World's Most Dangerous Group" will air Sept. 29 and Oct. 3, respectively. had the following to say about the upcoming series. "100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs" is a five-part series that will count down the best hip-hop songs of all time, revealing the story behind each hit and updating viewers on what the respective artists are doing today. It will also feature original interviews and archival performances by Public Enemy, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Salt-N-Pepa, Outkast, Eminem and Grandmaster Flash, to list a few. Written and directed by Mark Ford, "VH1 Rock Doc: NWA: The World's Most Dangerous Group" takes a look back at the history of the famed L.A. rap outfit. The documentary will be narrated by comedian Chris Rock and will feature interviews with Ice Cube, MC Ren, Dr. Dre, DJ Yella, Eazy-E's widow Tomica Woods-Wright, Ice T and director John Singleton, among others.

September 11, 2008

Congratulations to our first ever F-Rock Clothing photo contest winner, Christopher Sagayo from Alaska. Christopher will receive a full F-Rock gift bag including a spin cap, t-shirt, cinch bag, and custom trucker cap. If you think you've got a pic that can win, be on the lookout for next month's announcement. Thank you to everyone who participated, and until October's contest, keep dancing.

F-Rock Clothing Photo Contest

September 12, 2008

F-Rock Clothing has long supported the b-boy community through events, sponsorships, and community outreach. Here is the first part of our 4 part series on the elements of hip-hop through the eyes of the artists.

September 16, 2008

2pac Shakur

In a recent, rather gutsy article, Blender magazine ran an article claiming 2pac as the most over-rated rapper of all time. We have mixed feelings about this article, but check it out for yourself. "Blender Magazine has dubbed late rapper Tupac Shakur as 'the most overrated person in music' in its October issue which hits stands last week.
According to Reuters, Blender listed various overrated artists, places and trends in music and Tupac topped the list.
The magazine says Tupac was a decent rapper with "insane rock-star charisma," but he also "larded records with self-mythologizing, mediocre filler."
Rock group Pink Floyd and 'The Grammy Awards' are also mentioned on the list.
Tupac was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas in 1996. His murder still remains unsolved. After his death, his album sales rocketed and more than a dozen albums of his unreleased materials have been released over the past ten years."

September 17, 2008

An interesting video for the graffiti artists. It's ironic that it is okay to subtract from the urban environment but not okay to create.

September 18, 2008

This is hip-hop at its best:

September 19, 2008

A cool little piece on renowned street artist Bansky:

September 23, 2008

Jabbawokeez mask
Jabbawockeez have captured the imagination of millions of Americans and been catapulted to fame after winner America's Next Best Dance Crew. Now rumors are spreading that they are signing a 5 million dollar deal with Nike. News from the LA Times: "It's that sort of visible, countable evidence of crews' followings that has spawned a nationwide tour. The roster is not yet complete, but JabbaWockeez and Break Sk8 from Season 1 are in. But a direct relationship with "ABDC" isn't the only future for its crews. Exposure from the show helped Kaba Modern (Season 1) "expand their dance classes and travel around the country performing," said Karen Schwartz. Break Sk8 toured with Donna Summer, and it's rumored that JabbaWockeez, who have performed in a Lakers halftime show, have just signed a $5-million deal with Nike."

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