March 2, 2009

Blue Scholars, one of the dopest groups to come out of the North-West, representing for Seattle:

March 3, 2009

Props to everyone who was able to make it this last weekend to the Breaking the Silence Jam, and for Verizon Wireless for their sponsorship. Congrats to Pho Bangers for taking it. Here are 2 of the exhibition battles from the night:

Goodwill (17.42) vs. Brian (Unleashed)

Anthony the Hammer (Soul Rebels) vs. Lunatic (Unleashed)

Tru Rock (POTS) vs. King Reds (Soul Felons)

March 4, 2009

Some pieces of Charms Won, from the Seattle Sodo wall, Seattle's only legal wall:

Charms One
Charms One Sodo Wall Graffiti
Charms One Sodo wall graffiti
Charms Won Sodo Wall Graffiti Seattle

March 5, 2009

Common Market has been putting it down for a while in the North-West, check out their myspace here, and their new album "Tabacco Road." Here is their new music video "Trouble Is."

March 9, 2009

A couple custom kicks from, check em out:

nike customJesus NikesNike Custom KicksNike Custom Kicks Orange Gray WhitePirate Nike Custom KicksCustom Nikes Pink and Black

March 10, 2009

Featured Artists:
"Jeff Soto is a visual artist from California who started out as a graffiti artist, and still is an active participant in street art. Soto_s distinct color palette, subject matter, technique and bold themes resonate with a growing audience. Inspired by childhood toys, the colorful lifestyle of skateboarding and graffiti, hip-hop and popular culture, Soto_s representational work is simultaneously accessible and stimulating." -

Jeff Soto ArtJeff Soto ArtJeff Soto Art

March 11, 2009

Breaking the Silence Highlights, peep:

March 12, 2009

Featured artist Bean One. A great example of what a talented artist can accomplish. Check out his flickr page by clicking on the pictures.

Bean One GraffitiBean One GraffitiBean One GraffitiBean One Graffiti

March 13, 2009 Hype Battle Fridays

Pockemon vs. Gamblers in a battle of superpowers, b-boying style.

March 16, 2009

Kaws, artist or vandal? You can't argue against artist when his stuff is selling in galleries:

March 17, 2009

Interview with Riot68 on Vinyl Peep:


You may see him in a gallery, on the street, or in your house (if you own one of his customs of course!) So we caught up with Riot68 and got to know what hes been up to latly.

Alright Riot, set the scene and tell everyone a little about yourself.
Ok the hard part; what do you want to know? I_m 32, born and living in Nottinghamshire in England and I_m married to a most gorgeous woman. I work for myself as an artist and designer, doing everything from artwork for corporate print companies to running arts courses for _disengaged_ young people and a lot of stuff in-between. Other than that I guess you_ll find out in the questions below_

Why the name Riot68?
Ok, let_s see_ I used to write under a few other names back when I started in 89-90, always loved the combination of letters and numbers and I always remembered one of the first graff pieces that I saw which was called _riot 68_. Riot seems appropriate for my attitude and 68 was the number of the house I grew up in so there you have it, I did a few pieces around that name and it stuck.
For the rest of the interview visit Vinyl

Riot68 Vinyl toyRiot68 StickerRiot68 vinyl toy

March 18, 2009

The new campaign for the ultra lightweight, 173 gram PUMA L.I.F.T. shoe.

A light-injected love story featuring light-injected footwear.

March 19, 2009

The new short film by Blu: an ambiguous animation painted on public walls.
Made in Buenos Aires and in Baden (fantoche)

March 20, 2009 Hype Battle Fridays

Kleju is quickly becoming one of the more entertaining and talented b-boys to watch. This battle hails from Battle Opsession 2009

JUST DO IT (Rugged Solutions) vs KLEJU (Polskee Flavour) vs BOOTUZ (Predatorz):


March 26, 2009

Iron Monkey vs. Lost Child. Dope battle, surprisingly Lost Child has a dope style, we've never seen him before.

March 27, 2009 Hype Battle Fridays

Today we bring you Cloud vs. Nasty Ray at Mighty4 Special Edition Bday Jam. Enjoy!

March 30, 2009

TI is heading to jail for a year. It's hard to feel bad for him though, the likelihood of this having a positive effect on his music sales is very high. check out this interview with CNN for the run down:

March 31, 2009

Ecko Unlt

Goooodbye Ecko!! Ecko Unltd. is now on the brink of extinction as they struggle to keep their heads above water. The New York Post had the following to say about the hip-hop clothing line.

"Ecko has hired investment bank Peter J. Solomon to help refinance at least $170 million in debt owed to two key business partners, sources told The Post. With lenders scarce, sources say his empire may be dismantled as he sells off assets to pay creditors.

After a disastrous holiday season that forced heavy markdowns at department stores including Macy's -- where Marc Ecko is the largest supplier of young men's clothing -- sources said the company owes more than $100 million to Li & Fung, a global trading company that helps manufacture Marc Ecko's inventory."
-New York Post

Being a competitor of ours, we've had mixed feelings about this ordeal. On one hand, if they go under that is just one less competitor for us to worry about. On the other hand, Ecko has been a staple in our community for as long as I can remember. Email your thoughts to us at Good, bad, or who gives a flying duck.

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